Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Khaki Campbell Duck

Khaki Campbell has bought the quite revolution in raising ducks. No one can think about that ducks can lays more eggs than hens. Business can made through ducks. Khaki Campbell has bought revolution to us. If the people of village get the proper opportunities to keep ducks then the economic condition of our village will improve. The main advantages of Khaki Campbell ducks egg is, there is no bound of consuming it.

Almost all types of people like it throughout the world. For the reason of the advantages of Khaki Campbell our government eager for raising it. And government is providing the opportunities of micro loan system. Not only government but also non government organization has come forward for this purpose. As the Khaki Campbell ducks keeping is more easy than other poultry so, it may be a business. Khaki Campbell ducks lays 280-300 egg per year, while hens lays less than it. Ducks are suitable for business purposes and it lays eggs 2-3 year non stop while poultry lays only 1.5 year. Female Khaki Campbell duck start laying egg at the age of 17-18 weeks. But hen don't until they are 21 weeks. One more advantages is hen lays eggs all over the day and night but ducks lays eggs only in morning. It generally lays eggs within 9 am. So it's easy to manage ducks.

Caring the baby ducks:
Khaki Campbell Duck
Before bringing ducks to farm you have to make the room well where the baby ducks will stay. It should keep over the net of wire so that they meet less diseases. The net should 1.5 feet high from the ground, so that stool can be easily removed.
The temperature for Khaki Campbell ducks should maintained strictly. For the first few days temperature should be 300 c - 320 c then it should be reduced at the rate of 2.80c daily as long as it reach 240 c. At the age of 20-25 it can removed to the floor. Make a deep litter before releasing it on the floor. 3 squire feet space per ducks is required. Water is a must for ducks as it can't survive without water. So the farmers should make a proper source of supplying water. A pond near the farm should dug. Water is also needed for mating. Ducks generally eat insects, fish, oyster, snail etc. If you want to provide food by your own it should be nutritious and proper amount of vitamins and minerals. It takes 130 g of food daily average. Farmer can make foods by his own because it reduce expenditure. The ratio of commodities per 100 percent of mix is, wheat- 30 percent, broken rice- 40 percent, black sesame- 10 percent, soybean- 10 percent, snail powder-10 percent. Vitamin A, B2, D3, E should 10 g per 100 kg of food mix. Corine Chloride should 50 g per 1000 kg. If any farmer can survive this types of food it can result in egg and meat production.

It is very easy to sell ducks and eggs to the market. Because almost all types of people like ducks and its egg. It can be sold in local market. Eggs should provide in basket and other thing.
Ducks generally affected less by diseases than other domestic birds. And it depend on the caring of farmer. If the farmer manage a healthy way and provide nutritious food, fresh water then the disease will less. The farmer should concern about two fatal disease of ducks such as duck plague and cholera. After all the farmer should take proper care in order to be success in farming.

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